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Individual Tax Service

Unlock personalized tax expertise with our Individual Tax Services, starting at $225.00. In a landscape where income tax laws evolve annually, our dedicated team ensures you stay ahead by uncovering often overlooked credits and deductions. Specializing in maximizing tax savings within the bounds of the law, we conduct thorough research on new federal and state tax laws, continuously identifying opportunities to benefit taxpayers like you.


Our comprehensive individual income tax services include:

  • Preparation of Federal and State tax returns across all 50 states

  • Seamless electronic filing of tax returns with direct deposit for swift refunds

  • Tailored guidance for new homeowners navigating tax intricacies

  • Sole proprietor guidance on effective financial record-keeping for tax purposes

  • In-depth landlord advice on tax deductibility and reporting for rental properties

  • Expert assistance in resolving IRS tax problems

Stay ahead of the tax curve and optimize your savings with our meticulous approach to individual tax services.

Business Tax Service

Elevate your business's financial future with our Business Tax Services, commencing at $375.00. Navigating the intricate landscape of tax laws and ensuring precise income tax reporting is pivotal for your business's sustained success. Our expert guidance extends beyond compliance, offering insights into selecting a robust bookkeeping system, choosing optimal methods of accounting, recognizing income, and effectively depreciating assets. We don't just keep you compliant; we actively assist in developing tax strategies that capitalize on the latest laws and legislations.


Our tailored approach includes the preparation of tax returns for various entities, including:

  • Sole Proprietorship (Schedule C)

  • Partnerships and LLCs (Form 1065)

  • S-Corporations (Form 1120S)

  • C-Corporations (Form 1120)

Ensure your business thrives financially with our comprehensive Business Tax Services, designed to proactively shape your tax strategies and enhance your overall financial standing.

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