Individual Tax Service

Starting at $175.00 Income tax law is changing every year and frequently there are new credits and deductions average taxpayer overlooks to take advantage of. We specialize in finding and claiming new tax credits and deductions applicable to your specific situation. We have been helping taxpayers to maximize tax savings every year allowed by law. We constantly perform extensive research and analysis of new federal and state tax laws which can benefit taxpayers like you.

We provide individual income tax services including the following:


  • Preparation of Federal and State tax returns in 50 states

  • Electronic filling of tax returns and direct deposit of tax refunds

  • New homeowners tax guidance

  • Sole proprietor guidance how to maintain financial records for tax purposes

  • Landlord advice on tax deductibility and tax reporting for rental properties

  • Assistance on IRS tax problem resolution


CPA For High Net Worth Individuals


We provide income tax planning and compliance services to high net worth individuals and their families. We will try to learn about you as much as we can and understand your unique needs. Whether you accumulated significant wealth over many years or through a one-time life event such a business sale, inheritance or divorce, we can help. We encourage you to contact us for advice prior to making important financial decision. We render technical expertise in the following areas:


  • Income Tax Planning and Consulting

  • Estate and Gift Tax Planning

  • Alternative Minimum Tax Advising

  • Multi-State Income Tax and Structuring Primary Residence

  • Screening and Purchase of Various Federal and State Income Tax Credits

  • Passive Activity Loss Analysis for Real Estate Hold or Sell Decisions

  • Business Succession Planning

  • Family Accounting and Cash Management

  • Charitable and Philanthropic Tax Strategies

Business Tax Service

Starting at $350.00 Compliance with current tax laws and accurate income tax reporting is crucial to any business future success. We provide advice on selection of bookkeeping system, methods of accounting, income recognition choices and depreciation of assets. We help to develop tax strategies to take advantage of new tax laws and legislation's. We prepare tax returns for the following type of entities:


  • Sole Proprietorship (Schedule C) $350

  • Partnerships and LLCs ( Form 1065) $550

  • S-Corporations (form 1120S) $550

  • C-Corporations (form 1120) $750