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Comprehensive Tax Course Package Includes:


  • Online, self-study beginner tax course

    • Study anywhere/anytime with an internet connection

    • No prerequisites required

    • Divided into 4 modules, 5 chapters per module, a total of 20 chapters, a total of 60 CE credit hours

  • FREE academic support from Haddocks Tax & Accounting Inc. tax instructors provided by email

  • Automatic grading with instructional feedback

  • Certificate of Completion

    • Emailed upon completion with a final passing grade of 70% or greater.

Optional Additions:

With Books:

  • Order this course with books and you will receive all of the reading materials that are viewable online to be printed and bound for your easy reference while completing the course. (Prices of books include shipping costs.) Additional shipping costs will apply if books are shipped outside the lower 48 states.

    • Standard Edition books - $80 (Shipping included) Email us for this option.

Term of Course

  • 6 months from date of registration to complete the course.

  • Extensions can be purchased if more time is needed.

Updated Content

  • Our current courses are based on last year's tax law because this year's tax code is not finalized until December. We provide all students with a free Tax Law Update once the IRS issues updates.


Topics Include:


  • Electronic Filing

  • W-2 & 1099 Forms

  • Form 1040 (1040 EZ/A)

  • Interview Techniques

  • Filing Requirements

  • Filing Status

  • Exemptions & Dependents

  • Earned Income Tax Credit

  • Due Diligence

  • Child Care & Tax Credits

  • Interest & Dividends

  • Other Income

  • Adjustments to Income

  • Itemized Deductions

  • Employee Business Expenses

  • Sale of Real Estate

  • Depreciation

  • Self-Employment

  • Rental Property

  • Capital Gains & Losses

  • Alternative Minimum Tax

  • Education Expenses & Plans

  • IRAs & Retirements Plans

  • Ethics

  • Kiddie Tax

  • Tax Saving Ideas

  • Same Sex Marriage

  • Affordable Care Act

  • Tax Law Updates


User name, password and course material will be emailed within 24 to 48 hours of purchase. Books purchased will be mailed within 5 business days.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Prepare most individual tax returns

  • Perform a thorough interview with a taxpayer

  • Determine a taxpayer's filing status and eligibility for exemptions

  • Accurately report income and deductions for a taxpayer

  • Determine a taxpayer's eligibility for credits and deductions

  • Complete Schedules C-EZ, C and E

  • Compute depreciation for assets and eligibility for Section 179

  • Accurately calculate a taxpayer's refund or balance due

  • Advise a taxpayer in tax planning strategies



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